Safe travels


The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting many countries globally and testing is still required for entry to several destinations as well as in many industries, such as the shipping and petroleum industries. Book your appointment in Stavanger or Karmsund with us.

Services and prices

All tests are globally recognized. Prices in Norwegian kroners. Valid as of 9 May 2022

Frequently asked questions

Yes. If you have a Norwegian ID number or D-number, your test results will be uploaded to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s laboratory database which in turn means it will appear in your EU digital covid certificate in 

If you had an antigen test you can pick up a hard copy of our own test certificate within 30-60 minutes. At the same time you will find your EU digital covid certificate has been updated in if you have access to this.

rt-PCR test certificates are normally available within a maximum of 2-3 hours if you pay for our express service, otherwise the following day after noon in the opening hours of the clinic.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and Vipps.

All private customers are asked to pay up front by card or cash. Companies wishing to pay for their employees can get an invoice. Please contact

No. Travel itineraries change frequently, and very often unexpectedly. We do not charge anything if you need to cancel your COVID test. Please cancel your appointment online if you booked online, or send us an e-mail at