Valid for travel to the UK

Rapid antigen test valid for travel to the UK and USA

Our test meets the performance standards set by the UK government as of 1 November 2021.

The test must according to the government have a >97% specificity and >80% sensitivity at viral loads of 100,000 copies/ml. Our test from SD Biosensor, Standard Q COVID-19 Ag (Nasal) has a clinical sensitivity of 97% and a specificity of 100% and is on the list of of lateral flow devices that have passed phase 3a validation in the UK.

The UK is now participating in the EU digital covid certificate system and you can use your EU DCC found in helsenorge as documentation of a negative test. If you don’t have access to helsenorge you can get documentation from us, on paper or electronically such as an SMS or e-mail that states your name matching your travel documents, date of birth, test results, date of the test, name of the test provider and their contact details and confirmation of the test device used.

Read more about the UK’s requirements for testing before travelling to England her (the other British countries have the same requirements).

Children 10 years or younger are exempt.

Also Usa has similar requirements and will also accept our rapid antigen test as you can see on the CDC website.